Invoice Split

Split private and professional usage

With Invoice Split you determine the maximum amount to be invoiced to your company. Every euro cent on top of that maximum amount, is charged to your individual user. This way you can offer your employees a company benefit, but still keep your costs contained.


The solution for every fleet manager

You decide up front which amount is charged to your company. This way, you can avoid unpleasant surprises and you know exactly which costs to take into account. Your employees can also manage the options for private usage themselves. Result: less work for you.

Interesting for your employees

Thanks to Invoice Split, your employees use only one phone for both private and professional use, so they don’t have to pay for a subscription themselves and always get to enjoy favourable company rates.

Services included

Flexible rate plan with customized solutions

Invoice Split is a free option within the mobile rate plan Connected Mobile. Choose between six different options, tailor-made to adapt to the needs of each specific employee profile.

Smart online tools for your employees

Your employees can use the My Orange-app in the Customer Zone to track their private usage. No surprises possible in this way.

Easy to implement

Would you like to get started with Invoice Split for your organisation? Feel free to contact us for questions or for advice.

Additional services

Advantages abroad

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Comfort for your employees

With Shape, we make sure each of your employees is on the right rate plan.

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