Our Internet of Things Partners

Since 2002, we have been working on the development of a high quality environment to help you implement your Machine-to-Machine solution. To this end, we collaborate with carefully selected partners and make sure we satisfy your specific requirements.

Our goal is to provide you with a quality service. This is why Orange has entered into partnership agreements with the main players in the M2M market in Belgium. Do you need a Machine-to-Machine solution to counter theft, manage your mobile payments or monitor your vehicle fleet in real time? Choose the category corresponding to your Machine-to-Machine app requirements and find the contact details of our recommended partner.

Do you need a Machine-to-Machine app and you're self-employed or an SME?


Do you have a fleet of lorries, cars or other vehicles?

With Machine-to-Machine apps, you can monitor your vehicles in real time. That way, you always know exactly where they are. Useful to inform your customers or to help your drivers avoid traffic jams.

Contact one of our partners specialising in Track & Trace apps:

You need a payment terminal for your restaurant or shop?

Consult our partners, who will help you choose the option that best meets your expectations.

Contact one of our partners specializing in mobile payment apps:

A drinks or snacks dispenser is empty?
A printer is out of toner? A photocopier has stopped working?

These inconveniences are not just annoying for the user, they also represent lost revenues for your company. With Machine-to-Machine, you get an immediate alert and can correct the problem without losing time.

Contact one of our partners specializing in telemetry apps:

Lifts, houses, cars... any asset can be fitted with a SIM card. An attempted theft?

Your machines automatically give the alarm. You thereby have a simple and reliable security system to protect your business.

Contact one of our partners specializing in security applications:

Radar detectors, car navigation systems, game consoles, e-readers, cameras:

All everyday electronic devices are now increasingly connected to mobile telecommunications networks, thus giving you instant access to innovative, interactive services.

Contact one of our partners specializing in consumer equipment apps:

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