VoIP Trunking

You’d like to optimise your infrastructure by bundling your telephony and data? VoIP Trunking offers you a voice service for all your sites connected via Orange IP VPN. Your entire fixed telephony is then incorporated into the network and connected to the public network.

Why opt for VoIP Trunking?

Cost control

You optimise the use of your network and data access by sharing them with the voice service. Moreover, all communication between your sites is free, even for sites located in different countries.



The quality of your voice communication is assured because its management is based on different priorities for the various data and voice streams. Your service continuity is guaranteed by rerouting traffic to another site or telephone exchange and load balancing to prevent congestion when your call center is especially busy. Plus, support through stringent SLAs, and a Helpdesk available 24/24.


Our VoIP Trunking solution is compatible with a number of solutions on the market: Microsoft, Cisco, Alcatel, Siemens, and more… We don’t impose any one solution, and we can work with the integrator of your choice or with certified partners from our ecosystem.

Combine benefits with VoIP Trunking

Optimise your network resources

With VoIP Trunking, you use your bandwidth for both voice and data traffic.

Free calls between your sites

Your employees can call their colleagues for free − even abroad, when they’re on sites that are connected to the VPN.

Voice quality

Thanks to optimal management of the traffic streams and priority assigned to voice- related data packets, the quality of the call is guaranteed.

Optimal support

We commit to respecting stringent SLAs and to providing you with a Helpdesk that’s available 24/24.

High availability

The high availability of the VoIP Trunking service is guaranteed by a redundant network architecture (load balancing). If you have multiple PBXs at different sites, an option offers you the possibility to reroute the voice traffic automatically to another PBX if there are connectivity issues with the main PBX.

Unlimited compatibility

VoIP Trunking is compatible with solutions from Microsoft, Cisco, Alcatel, Siemens and many others. We work with your integrator and fine-tune the solution to your wishes.

Keep current numbers

Your employees keep their fixed number. Moreover, emergency calls are forwarded correctly.

Simple and smooth migration

As the VoIP Trunking service is an integral part of the IP VPN solution, no infrastructure change is necessary, and the transparent and smooth migration of your existing services is guaranteed.

Get even more out of your telecommunications

Benefit from the best network

In addition to our mobile services, Orange also offers an extremely high-quality, solid and reliable fixed network that is kept current through continuous investment.

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