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Exceptional comfort


All of your employees with a Shape formula benefit from Comfort Services, free of charge.


Thanks to our Comfort Services, you work more efficiently and you can facilitate communications with your customers and suppliers, and between your employees.


Our Comfort Services are available on all of your employees’ devices − already activated and ready for use.

Even more efficiency, thanks to our Comfort Services

Organise conference calls

You no longer need to arrange physical meetings! With Conference Call, you can call up to 5 other people simultaneously.

Manage incoming calls

Answer an incoming call, or call someone else, while remaining connected to your first

caller − thanks to Second Call.

Redirect calls automatically

On holiday? Use Call Forwarding to redirect some or all of your calls to another landline or mobile number in Belgium.

Transfer calls

Connect your callers with any landline or mobile number in Belgium − at any time − with Call Transfer.

Filter calls

Work without being interrupted by transferring your calls to your Voice Mail − even when you are abroad − thanks to Call Filter.

Professional Voice Mail

With Pro Voice Mail, you can record a longer welcome message, receive longer voice messages, and keep them longer.

Manage voice messages in a couple of clicks

Thanks to Visual Voice Mail, there’s no need to call your Voice Mail to listen to your messages. Recorded messages are delivered directly to your smartphone in the form of audio recordings.

Send a voice message directly

With Message Deposit, you can send a voice message directly to your correspondent’s voice mailbox without ringing his/her mobile phone − he or she will receive a discreet notice.

Send SMS via your mailbox

Thanks to the Email2SMS function, you can activate the Easy Messaging service on your Shape card − free of charge − and send up to 100 SMS/month via your mailbox. Each SMS is invoiced according to your tariff plan − and it’s free for Shape Plus, Shape Ultimate, and Shape Traveller.

Even more comfort

Opt for a mobile offer tailored to your needs

With Shape, you choose the formula tailored to each of your employees, and you benefit from all of the Comfort Services!

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Benefit from your landline functionalities on your mobile

All the features and benefits of a landline on your mobile phone − for even more mobility! You manage everything from a single device, without telephone exchange management costs.

Discover Mobiline

Manage sending your SMS professionally

With the Enterprise Messaging professional solution, you manage the sending of SMS to your entire fleet, to specific teams, or to your customers.

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