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Investing in digital applications also means investing in cybersecurity. Discover how you can protect the data of your business and your customers.

Aubrey Beelen Product Manager, BKM-Orange

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The idea that SMEs are not an interesting target for cybercriminals is long since outdated. These days, companies of all sizes are in the line of fire. It is a good idea for companies to have their IT security put to the test and to remedy any weak spots in their defences.


It is also crucial to boost employee awareness, as people often remain the weakest link.


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Protect your business and your customers

Unfortunately, when you think of digitalisation, cybercrime is not far behind. How can you capitalise on the benefits of digitalisation without incurring risks? Are you adequately protected right now? What can you do to further improve the protection of your data?



Do you know whether your business is sufficiently protected against attacks from outside?

Just a few questions are enough to verify whether your IT security offers adequate protection against cybercriminals.

Based on your answers, you will learn about where you are doing well, and you’ll also discover the weak spots in your cybersecurity and where your confidential data is at risk.

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IT security is essential for companies large and small. How can you go about it? What are the risks and what solutions are available?



How do cybercriminals operate and what can you do about it? In our webinar, an ethical hacker shows you how a cyberattack takes place.

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IT security:
how do our customers approach it?

Today, production companies usually set themselves apart through digital means. As a result, cybersecurity is a top priority in the industry. Philippe Foucart and his team at Technord take up this challenge in a world that is being revolutionised by AI, robotisation and other digital developments. How do they approach this issue?

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With connected: we don’t just aim to inspire you with regard to IT security. Discover how your SME can grow in terms of digitalisation, hybrid working and new technologies.



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Hybrid working

How can entrepreneurship
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New technologies

Which new technologies make future-oriented entrepreneurship possible?

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