How does a cyberattack work?


Digital transformation has brought many benefits. However, cybercriminals are also taking advantage of this evolution, with increasingly sophisticated strategies. How exactly does a cyberattack work? An ethical hacker explains in our webinar. 

Gone are the days when cybercriminals were computer nerds who hacked websites for fun. Cybercrime has become a serious industry involving vast sums of money. So hackers aren’t afraid to make their business accessible in innovative ways and to make as much money as possible with their attacks. All the more reason to secure your company.


Thanks to services such as malware-as-a-service, even someone without technical knowledge can easily cause cyber damage.

Aubrey Beelen, Product Manager at BKM-Orange


During our Effective Data Protection webinar on 22 March 2022, Thomas Le Clerc, former Product Manager Cybersecurity at Orange Belgium, and an ethical hacker took viewers into the underworld of cybercrime. They explained the trends and the pitfalls, showed how easy it is to get around security precautions, and shared a host of tips on improving the security of your company.


    The webinar covered the following topics:

    1. Cyber risks in 2022
    2. Live hacking of a website
    3. Tips to improve your security


    Watch the webinar again:


    Do you have more questions about the cybersecurity of your company? Read the answers in our whitepaper. 

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