Manage the security of your mobile fleet yourself


Mobile devices give your employees freedom and turn your business into a flexible organisation. By managing your company devices centrally, you make sure the flexibility won’t affect the security of your devices and data.

Device Manager is designed to make life easier for the fleet manager. It boosts the security of mobile devices used for professional purposes. So how does it work exactly? 


No unauthorised access

Your employees’ mobile devices contain a load of confidential business data. Thanks to Device Manager, this data is protected in case of the loss or theft of the device. Without the compulsory password no one can access that confidential information. What’s more, the data itself is encrypted. If necessary, you can use Device Manager to block access to a device or even erase all the data on it.


Centralised access management

Not every employee needs access to all company data. With Device Manager, access rights are controlled centrally. You decide who has access to which information, files and apps. These access rights are easily adjusted in real time, 24/7.


Always up to date

With Device Manager, remotely installing apps your employees need on their mobile devices is child’s play. Device Manager also guarantees the apps on all devices are always kept up to date. As a result your employees always benefit from the latest security patches. The odds of falling victim to a cyberattack are kept to a minimum.


Monitor the status

It is important to identify security issues quickly to minimise the risk of abuse. Device Manager includes a live dashboard to monitor your fleet in real time. This way, you immediately know whether the operating system or an app on one of your devices is out of date or if the device is not being used in accordance with your security policy.


Install security apps

With Device Manager you’re certain necessary security apps such as Lookout Premium are installed on every device in your fleet. Lookout Premium is included free of charge in the Shape tariff plans Orange offers for enterprises. The app notifies users of insecure WiFi networks, provides protection against malware and signals vulnerabilities.


Find out whether Device Manager is something for your company? Learn more about Device Manager.

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