4G Back-up keeps care workers connected

Today, people expect a continuous and reliable connection. That’s now very easy to achieve. The Orange Shape & Fix range includes 4G Back-up, which is highly recommended in sectors such as healthcare.

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the digitalisation of healthcare. And this is just the beginning. Digital technologies can play a crucial role in efforts to improve health equity, as shown recently in a McKinsey study.

Connectivity is at the heart of all this. From hospital wards to home nursing, residential care centres to medical laboratories: think what the impact would be if their network connection – and therefore internet access – were to fail.

The consequences are always unpleasant for any organisation, but all the more so in healthcare. Imagine a lab could suddenly no longer access documents or medical files just when its staff needed them. What if they couldn’t share important data such as test results on time with other departments or companies – or, perhaps worse, the patient?


How does 4G Back-up work?

A back-up solution for your fixed internet connection is no luxury. Breakdowns or failures don’t happen very often, but when they do, they are inevitably inconvenient. With a 4G mobile connection as your back-up, you can rest assured that you will always have continuous access to business-critical applications and documents, be they medical or otherwise.

If your fixed internet connection fails, the 4G Back-up line automatically takes over. Once the fixed connection is restored, the system automatically switches back. The 4G Back-up generally takes over all internet connectivity, but not the landline connection.


How can you get 4G Back-up?

It’s easy. The Orange Belgium Shape & Fix range includes 4G Back-up for both cable and VDSL access. Orange Shape & Fix is a popular plan: it’s in use at almost 15,000 business locations in Belgium.

There are two versions. Orange Shape & Fix is a solution based on cable access with the option of adding television and fixed telephony with up to two analogue lines. You can also combine it with Cloud Telephony.

The second version, Orange Shape & Fix Extra, is a solution based on VDSL access with the option to add fixed telephony with analogue lines, ISDN and Voice over IP. It also allows you to combine Shape & Fix Extra with the Orange Cloud Telephony solution.

Shape & Fix, Shape & Fix Extra and 4G Back-up guarantee your care workers’ connection. You can rest assured that Shape & Fix will always keep you connected.


Want a guaranteed internet connection thanks to 4G Back-up? Switch to Shape & Fix now.

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