VoIP telephony with Cloud PBX

Cloud telephony

Available anywhere

Your employees work anywhere they feel most productive

Never miss a business call

All features of a PBX without investing in a PBX

Always up-to-date

You get the latest updates and improvements of the solution

Cloud telephony: a fixed telephony solution that fit all your needs

All in one

We offer you a packaged Cloud Telephony solution including calls, Connected internet and VoIP lines, for up to 30 users.

Available from anywhere

We offer a range of fix and mobile devices, including a mobile and PC application so that your employees can work anywhere in the same conditions.

Extended call features

IVR, central phone book, call transfer,… our Cloud Telephony solution comes with all features of a traditional fix phone and many more.


Extended collaboration

Easily exchanging files, chatting or setting-up a conference. Team collaboration has never been soon easily

Unified inbox

Your voice messages, recorded calls and fax are also available in your mailbox. Another way to ensure a fast reply to your customers

Under your control

We manage the solution for you but you can easily adapted it. Plug & Play installation and simple day-to-day management.

What are the benefits?

Cloud Telephony is the alternative to a traditional switchboard. But what are the benefits?

Find out all about them in this video.

Most asked questions about Cloud Telephony

How complex is the installation of cloud telephony?

The installation of Cloud Telephony is really easy. We will install our solution next to your existing solution. Our technician will discuss the desired configuration with you, before implementing it. Only when the new system works perfectly, he will transfer the numbers/routing to the Cloud Telephony solution. This way, we make sure that there is no downtime.

Is there a limitation on the number of users?

Yes, the Cloud Telephony solution is limited to 30 users. Do you have more users? Do not worry. We have tailored solutions for business communication and collaboration for larger teams/ companies.

Why does Orange only offer Cloud Telephony in combination with Connected Internet?

For Orange it is important to be able to assure qualitative solutions to our clients. Thanks to the combination of Connected Internet with Cloud telephony, we can monitor the quality end to end. Furthermore, with Connected Internet, you have 4G back-up included as well for your internet line as for your VoIP communication with Cloud Telephony.

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*Only valid with one of the fixed telephony options

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