From drones to care assistance: IoT in practice


We all grew stronger by sharing knowledge and expertise: Orange shares knowhow and technology with Televic and Unifly. Together, we develop practical applications that improve everyday life. Kanaal Z filmed a report about this partnership.

Technological innovations can make everyday life a lot easier. The Internet of Things (IoT) and connectivity are key concepts in this regard. Just think about how we can now go online almost anywhere with our mobile, laptop and smartwatch. There is huge potential in setting up even more communication between machines (or “things”). That is why Orange works with technology partners such as Televic and Unifly by investing in Research & Development. Together, we create even more connectivity between people and things.


Televic and Orange

Televic designs high-tech communication systems that are used in healthcare and other sectors. In its collaboration with Orange, Televic is fully committed to wearables that offer a great range both indoors and outdoors. Wearables are devices with computer technology that can be worn on the body, either as an accessory or as part of material used in clothing. A practical example is a sensor watch for residents of care centres and retirement care flats. In case of an emergency, it is easier to locate the watch’s owner and to offer help more quickly. Televic uses Orange's NarrowBand-IoT network for the data exchange. It is the perfect solution to securely and reliably send smaller packets of data from the sensor to the cloud.


Unifly and Orange

Unifly has developed a system that locates drones and registers their presence. This important information can be shared with air traffic controllers and pilots and used to enforce compliment with drone legislation. Unifly uses the Orange mobile phone network for the data exchange between the drones and the Unifly platform.



And there is more, a lot more. The Internet of Things has countless practical applications. Kanaal Z reported on other specific projects, as well. Watch the compilation of the series here.

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