Internet of Things

Changing the world, one thing at a time.

Orange offers you customised Internet of Things solutions. Benefit from our proven expertise, the best tools for realising your projects, an ecosystem of qualified partners at your service, and a dedicated team to ensure the smooth operation of your applications.

The best partner for your Internet of Things projects

Reliability and control 

At Orange, you have IoT SIM cards that come ready to use for machines, even in outdoor weather conditions. In addition, we offer you a specific portal for managing your cards and monitoring their operation remotely. A dedicated network ensures optimal data traffic.

Optimal support 

A team of 40 IoT and M2M experts is at your service 24/7 to ensure the smooth operation of your critical applications. 

International competence center

Since 2008, Orange Belgium has been Orange Group’s international competence center for M2M. This enables you to benefit from the Orange Group’s competence center in Europe and our experience with the development of large-scale projects. You manage your SIM card fleet centrally through our portal, even when deployed in different countries.


Our experts provide you with customised solutions, developed for your specific needs and helping you innovate. 

Our Internet of Things solutions

Orange offers you customised solutions and total control over your fleet of SIM cards for your IoT and M2M applications.

Ecosystem of qualified partners at your service

For many years now, we’ve been developing an ecosystem of qualified partners specialised in IoT and M2M.


Improving your processes

Your IoT and M2M applications yield a wealth of data that can be used to analyse your processes and identify ways to improve your performance.

Ensure an optimal connection to your Internet of Things applications

Choose the best fixed solution

Discover our fixed connectivity solutions − specially developed for companies − and ensure an optimal connection to your IoT and M2M applications.

Discover Fix Corporate

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