Four advantages of the Enterprise Messaging tool


There are several ways to communicate with your target audience: email, phone and text messages. Enterprise Messaging is an SMS messaging tool that offers important advantages over other methods of communication.

Do you want high-impact communication with your target audience? With as little effort on your behalf as possible? Enterprise Messaging is the solution for you


1. Maximum impact

Studies have shown that just 22% of emails are read. Conversely, 98% of text messages are read1, with 90% read within the first three minutes of reception2.


2. Maximum efficiency

Enterprise Messaging is more efficient than other methods of communication such as emails, telephone conversations and manually sent text messages. Send text messages via your computer or mobile, or automatically, by integrating Enterprise Messaging into your IT systems. Your communication will take less time than ever before.


3. Powerful platform

The platform offers possibilities such as management and reporting via a web interface and integrations with your own applications. Moreover, Enterprise Messaging includes a number of preconfigured modules for tasks such as surveys and two-factor authentication.


4. Professional communication 

Enterprise Messaging uses a redundant connection with the Orange network to guarantee availability at all times. You are assigned a specific mobile number for Enterprise Messaging – your target audience receives text messages from a unique telephone number instead of a common abbreviated number. Orange also provides professional support.


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1 Source: Techipedia
2 Source: Conversational Advertising

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