5 tips for efficient messaging


Enterprise Messaging gives you a professional messaging solution to communicate with your customers. However, everything still depends on your content. So how do you write messages for maximum impact?

Studies have shown that no fewer than 98% of text messages are read1. What’s more, 90% are read within the first three minutes of reception2. The following tips will give your text messages maximum impact:


1. Don’t send anonymous messages

Recipients regard anonymous messages from a common abbreviated number as spam. With Enterprise Messaging recipients see a single phone number that belongs to you. They know who sent the message.


2. Keep your messages short but powerful

Short messages have the greatest impact. Ideally, a message won’t exceed 160 characters.


3. Segment and personalise

Send messages tailored to specific target groups. Add a personal touch by addressing the recipient by name in your message. 


4. End your message with a call to action

Encourage recipients to do something with your message. With Enterprise Messaging the recipient can reply to the text message but you can also include a URL in the message that links to a landing page.


5. Timing is everything

Text messages have the biggest impact when sent between 10 am and 8 pm. Send yours then and make sure you won’t irritate the recipient. 


Discover how to send text messages automatically our contact your account manager.


1 Source: Techipedia
2 Source: Conversational Advertising

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