Your SME in the cloud: the advantages


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have digitalised and introduced telework much sooner than expected. The cloud has played a key role in this regard. Not just major companies, but also SMEs have discovered the advantages of cloud services.

Now that telework has become the new normal, the cloud is more important than ever. This is also obvious from the success of such cloud services as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Alibaba. According to analyst agency Forrester, this growth will continue in 2021.

The COVID-19 crisis has introduced many companies to the added value of cloud applications. They are expected to make considerable investments in this area in the coming year. On top of this, companies who have worked with the cloud in the past will also continue to invest.  


Accessibility fosters innovation

The costs for the start-up and use of cloud services are limited and subscriptions often include security and maintenance. In addition, specialist knowledge is no longer necessary for you to start using new services. As a result, the implementation of cloud services leaves you free to focus on creating additional business value. 

The accessibility of cloud services gives SMEs access to the same possibilities as larger firms. It levels the playing field. In concrete terms, SMEs have more opportunities to focus on the innovation and future of their businesses. 


Act quickly

In uncertain times, acting quickly can make all the difference between profit and loss. During the COVID-19 pandemic many businesses have proven that when in desperate need, they will radically change their entire supply chain or business model in a matter of weeks. The cloud is an essential asset in this regard; cloud services simply evolve alongside your company, even when your business is undergoing sweeping changes. 


Anticipate new working conditions

For example, companies that use telephony or mobile device management in the cloud easily made the transition to home working when COVID-19 hit. Regardless of whether their staff members work from the office or their homes, they can always be reached at the same telephone numbers. Moreover, the support and management of their mobile devices is centralised, without anyone having to come on-site or to the office.


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