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Your employees: unbound
but always connected

Working at the same desk, every day, from 9 to 5? That’s unthinkable for the new generation of workers, and increasingly so for their older colleagues. Companies need to offer flexibility and freedom. But what will happen to the productivity of your employees?

Orange offers you the building blocks for a flexible organisation. Our solutions allow your employees to work together remotely, without any loss of time or security risks. With our tailored range, your employees stay connected, wherever they are.

Make your company a digital workplace

Teleworking comes with a lot of challenges. How do you tackle them as an SME? What are the technical requirements for making teleworking a success? You’ll find the answers to these questions in our white paper.

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Teleworking? Always with the ICT solutions from Orange!

SMEs: a popular target for cybercriminals

Lost income, damage to your image, unforeseen costs ... These are just a few of the consequences of a data leak. Why are SMEs such a popular target? Where are the dangers? And how do you avoid becoming a victim yourself?

With cybercriminals setting their sights on SMEs more frequently, it’s time to take action. In our white paper, we show the weaknesses in online security and explain how you can make sure your employees don’t fall for the traps cybercriminals set for them.

Protect your SME from cybercriminals

An incredible of 43% of all cyberattacks are aimed at smaller enterprises. This means it’s high time to protect your company! Cybercriminals know what to do to access your data. What are the consequences? What do you do protect your business? Find out our white paper.

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An ICT solution tailored
to your SME?

Every company is different. And every company has its own needs, especially when it comes to ICT. We at Orange understand this particularly well: all our solutions are designed on the basis of our clients.

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