Arena Carmelo Toitures: optimal cover


"A high-quality internet connection and mobile telephone line are required on site."

Arena Carmelo Toitures is a roofing and building services company. The manager and his team are constantly on site. They need to be able to communicate easily with each other, as well as keep in touch with the office and suppliers. This is a challenge that Orange was easily able to master, at an affordable price. 


The challenge

Great fixed and mobile communications

“For a busy company like ours, working in the construction industry, having a good mobile telephone and internet connections when you’re out on site is essential”, explains Carmelo Arena, MD of Arena Carmelo Toitures. “Similarly, it is vital that we have good download speeds for our office internet. Our two office-based staff members use email and the internet a lot. When we are really pressed for time on site, we can call them and ask them to do some research for us. And we do this quite often! When we are on site, the two staff members and I easily make calls two or three times a day to check on stuff. We also use our mobiles to call the office or suppliers when we need technical information. What’s more, we can do online research very quickly. During on-site meetings for example, if the architect asks me what materials we are using for a particular feature, I can immediately find the technical specifications for any given item. This hasn't always been the case: our mobile internet was far from ideal with our previous supplier.”


The solution

Good fixed and mobile coverage

“An entrepreneur friend recommended Orange to me. When the representative presented their products, it didn't take me long to make my mind up as it was a really attractive offer”, says Carmelo Arena. “I have to admit that to begin with I was worried about coverage problems, but this turned out not to be an issue at all.” In addition to the fixed ADSL line in their office, the construction company opted for Shape & Fix Basic with five mobile plans: they went for Shape Intense with unlimited text messages and calls and 20GB of data and a Shape Traveller plan for the manager, enabling him to continue to manage his business whilst abroad. “I have no hesitation in recommending Orange to other business colleagues, particularly if they are looking to reduce their telecoms costs. And Data Bonus with double data is the icing on the cake, as we no longer have to be constantly monitoring our data usage. It makes life so much easier.”  


The result

Telecoms bills slashed in half

Previously, Arena Carmelo Toitures used to get several telecoms bills. “It wasn’t always easy to keep track of things with all those bills”, explains Carmelo. “Since we have been with Orange, everything is now set out clearly in a single bill. However, the main advantage is still the cost. It really is a much better deal than before. With our previous provider, our basic package was a bit cheaper, but we always exceeded the limits and that ended up costing me a fortune. I was always telling myself that I would be more vigilant the next month, but I never managed it. Right now, my Shape Traveller plan has a wider remit and covers all my needs. I no longer go over my data or call limits. Overall, I cut my bills in half!” 



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