STRABAG Belgium: “Company apps on-site."


“With Orange’s 4G network our project staff can upload large data volumes."

The employees of construction company STRABAG Belgium often need to upload large data volumes on-site: pictures, schematics and plans, emails to subcontractors, etc. Orange caters to all of STRABAG’s project management needs with a fast and reliable mobile data connection.


The challenge

Communication needs vary

As team leader, Ronald Peeters is the construction group’s IT manager Benelux. He explains that “STRABAG’s 400 employees in Belgium do not all have the same communication needs. The browsing behaviour of our employees can vary greatly. Do they spend most of their time on-site or do they work primarily from their desks? Are they on the phone a lot or do they use data more? That is why we wanted a flexible rate plan adapted to our broad range of profiles." The parent company put out to tender its mobile telephony and data and selected Orange from a list of candidates “ We are very happy with our decision. With Orange all our employees have the ideal subscription type at all times, both in terms of voice and data”, Roger Peeters concludes.


The solution

Fast and reliable network

The transition to Orange back in 2010 went smoothly. STRABAG Belgium employees have a smartphone for calls and mobile data usage. Colleagues abroad enjoy the same privilege.

A reliable and fast data connection is essential in project management. STRABAG Belgium employees use a tablet with an integrated SIM card from Orange for project management purposes. “Our project leaders at the various construction sites often need to upload large volumes of data", says Ronald Peeters. “For instance, when a building is delivered and one of our employees spots a flaw, he can make a picture, pinpoint the exact location of the problem on the plan, add information and then email everything to the subcontractor in question. If you’re going to manage a building project successfully and effectively from start to finish, a fast and reliable mobile data connection is indispensable and the Orange network offers us the guarantees we need.”


The result

Proactive account manager

Ronald Peeters emphasises: ”Our employees can now consult company applications anywhere and without unpleasant financial surprises.” He is also very happy with their account manager: “Our account manager constantly monitors whether we can cut costs by upscaling or downgrading our rate plan."

Ronald Peeters considers Orange’s Customer Zone and Business Zone a major asset. “Billing and SIM card management are important to us, as is the flexible (de)activation of options and services. Several of our employees took a one-day training course to familiarise themselves with the system. Moreover, Orange’s Business Experts are at our beck and call.”

STRABAG Belgium recently started processing its Orange invoices in digital form. “The invoices are forwarded digitally in a single CSV file, which is imported in the financial application. The various invoices are then forwarded automatically to the regions in question. The whole process is extremely efficient", Ronald Peeters concludes.


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