The Orange Customer Zone at your service 24/7


Hectic days require efficient working methods. Orange always wants to accommodate you, so we’ve developed the Customer Zone, an online tool that allows you to manage your mobile fleet 24/7. Discover a host of possibilities that will save you time.

Does managing your mobile fleet take too much time? The Orange Customer Zone now offers a solution to help you get rid of all that admin. We’ve gathered all the most frequently used functions on a single platform, making the management of your company’s mobile devices much more efficient.


What can you do in our Customer Zone?

Are you not yet familiar with our Customer Zone? Then let’s take a look at some of the most practical features.


  • Keep an overview of your invoices
    Customer Zone helps you maintain an overview of your payments. You get a list of invoices dating back 18 months and you can easily print, save or export them in Excel format.

    Also good to know: the My Orange app gives your colleagues an even better overview of their data and calling credit. If they have an Invoice Split formula, they can also see how much their employer contributes and how much they themselves are being charged.


  • Activate new numbers
    Do you need a telephone number within one of our Shape formulas? Via your Customer Zone you can request one in no time. The new number is operational within an hour (not possible with Invoice Split).


  • Switch to eSIM cards
    No more separate SIM cards that have to find their way to the right employee before they can start using their device. Via Customer Zone you can now activate the eSIM cards that are already integrated in the devices. 


  • Manage purchases and repairs with a single click
    Need a new device? In our e-Shop you’ll find a generous selection of recent devices. It’s also very easy to request repairs online. Thanks to our Easy Repair service you no longer have to return defective devices. One of our staff will collect and drop off your device after repair. Are you a member of our Hardware Bonus Programme? This information is also available in our Customer Zone.


The Customer Zone continues to optimise. Discover the latest updates.

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