Van Roey: “The quality of our calls is essential at building sites.”


"Excellent call quality is an absolute necessity at our building sites."

The challenge

Always easy to reach, anytime anywhere

Luc Donkers, Purchaser at Groep Van Roey, says: “We are an extremely mobile business.” Groep Van Roey comprises 9 companies (Van Roey, Staalbeton, Van Roey Vastgoed,, Sportoase, Maes, Sibes, Artem and Architon) and employs more than thousand people. The group manages both minor and major construction sites in various industries. This means that mobile communication is the norm for Groep Van Roey. “Everyone uses mobile phones. The connection has to be perfect. There is always a lot of noise at a building site, because of drilling work or bulldozers, for example. Good call quality is absolutely necessary in those circumstances.”

The company’s mobile connections go well beyond just voice calls. “We need a data connection from day one of every project, so that people such as the site manager and project manager can use our own software on site,” Luc Donkers adds. “When we establish the site, it is not that easy to install a fixed line straight away. A reliable mobile data connection for our people is essential in such cases.”


The solution

Shape by Orange: a flexible, tailor-made subscription plan

Orange developed a suitable voice and data subscription plan for Groep Van Roey’s mobile staff. “We really approached this in a customised way, because our people’s communication profiles are very varied. Some employees only receive calls, some engage in a bit more communication and others fit the so-called Traveller profile,” Luc Donkers explains.

The Shape range is flexible and easy to adjust. “We go over our invoices quickly every month, but Orange also performs regular checks to make sure everyone still has the appropriate rate plans. We change the subscriptions if necessary. It’s all very easy to do: online, by email or with a simple phone call to our contact at Orange.”


The result

Mobile broadband at the right price

The Orange Shape plan offers Groep Van Roey the perfect support for its construction site work. “This is true for our mobile calls as well as our data connections,” Luc Donkers emphasises. The site workers use laptops, and more and more tablets running a specific site application.

Sometimes Groep Van Roey uses the Orange mobile 4G data connection as a necessary alternative. “At some building sites, we never work with a fixed line because the site is too remote or because we are only there for a short time.”

Thanks to Orange, Groep Van Roey can monitor its construction projects on site perfectly, even without a fixed line. Orange’s 4G connection is very robust and stable, Luc Donkers concludes: “We see it as a mobile broadband connection that is perfectly comparable to a fixed line”.


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