What is HD Voice?

Call quality is of course a key priority, this is why we were the first to launch HD Voice in 2010.

What does it do? Crystal-clear calls and perfect filtering out of background noise.

HD Voice transmits sound far more clearly, particularly low and high frequencies, making it seem as though you're in the same room as the person on the other end of the line. Try it for yourself. Even whistling is clearly audible with HD Voice.

HD Voice has been used on all 3G SIM cards since 2010. Orange is now taking it further: since 2014, HD Voice has also been available on all 2G devices. And, as ever, this service comes entirely free of charge.

To make high definition calls, you simply need to meet a few criteria. You must of course be an Orange customer, as must the person you are calling. You must also have an HD Voice-compatible device.