IP VPN Everywhere

IP VPN is the solution for centralising your communication flows and applications on a secure private network that’s accessible from all of your sites. Thanks to IP VPN Everywhere, your teams can also access that internal network via their mobile devices − in 3G or 4G − from wherever they are.

IP VPN Everywhere is especially valuable for your marketing teams, technicians and engineers working in the field. Give your employees access to your data and applications through their smartphone, tablet or laptop − whenever and wherever they wish, as if they were in the office.

Why choose IP VPN Everywhere?

Complete solution tailored to your needs

Our experts first analyse your needs (number of users, bandwidth, …), so that you are assured the best solution for your situation. Thereafter, Orange manages the IP VPN Everywhere service completely − from configuration to daily management to maintenance.

Security and confidentiality

All of your employees’ SIM cards are grouped within an APN (private mobile network) that’s available exclusively to your company. You can also personalise the name of your APN (e.g., ‘yourcompany.be’).

Customer support and reporting

You have strict SLAs and a Helpdesk that’s available 24/24 for any issues that might arise. And furthermore, transparency is guaranteed. Thanks to various types of reports, available in real-time or on a monthly basis, you can analyse the status and performance of your network connection.

Even more possibilities for working from anywhere

Benefit from an optimal fixed network

Orange is best known for the excellent quality of its mobile network − but we also have a fixed network that’s both reliable and in constant evolution. That’s important to know, because you need fixed access to connect your private APN to your corporate network.

Provide your mobile employees with the best connection

Benefit from a mobile network with excellent coverage in 2G, 3G and 4G for employees on the go.

Connect your equipment to your data centers

Use IP VPN Everywhere to connect your equipment to your data centers via a private APN that’s accessible in Belgium and abroad.

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