With BlackBerry®, you can read and answer your e-mails whenever and wherever you like. Your mobile receives them automatically and you can read and send attachments. You can, of course, make calls, send SMSs and browse Orange mobile portal. From the handy keyboard you can enter your e-mails quickly and easily.

BlackBerry® is not the only device to offer Push Mail solutions. It was, however, the first device on the market to offer this possibility. Nowadays, BlackBerry® is recognised worldwide as the most reliable Push Mail solution and is appreciated for the simplicity of its implementation.

Are you often on the move and want to read your e-mails?

BlackBerry Internet Service

BlackBerry Internet Service works with an e-mail account with an external provider and collects your e-mails every fifteen minutes via a POP3 or IMAP4 connection. Once an e-mail is found, the system tries again twelve minutes later. The time interval is reduced each time that a new message is received.

This solution is perfectly suitable for private customers, the self-employed, freelancers and SMEs.

Advantages of BlackBerry Internet Service

  • You only need one Internet mailbox with an external provider (Mobistar Internet, Gmail, Tiscali, Skynet, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.).
  • You receive a new e-mail account connected to your existing e-mail addresses (except for e-mails via Web mail servers).
  • You can associate up to 10 external e-mail addresses (Gmail, Skynet etc.) with your BlackBerry e-mail account.
  • Set it up in five easy steps.
  • Calendar, jobs, contacts… you can sync everything with the Desktop Manager software included via a cable.
  • The BlackBerry solution gives you access to Orange World and the Internet.

Blackberry Enterprise Service

Do you have your own mail server? BlackBerry Enterprise is the ideal solution. You do not need to set up any new e-mail addresses and everything you do on your BlackBerry goes back to your company server (e.g. deleting e-mails or marking them as ).

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