I don’t understand my invoice.

Each invoice includes the calls made during the past billing period, as well as the subscription fees and the cost of the options that are activated for the next billing period.

If you have activated a new phone number or an additional service you will be charged the subscription fee for the following month as well as a pro-rata fee covering the period between the day of activation and the last day of the current billing period.

First invoice?

Your first invoice also details the subscription fee for the period from the day of activation until the end of the first full billing cycle.

Your subscription was activated on 23 March. You receive your first invoice on 3 April. This invoice includes your subscription fee from 4 April through 3 May. However, you still owe a subscription fee for the first 11 days of your subscription.

That is why the amount on your first invoice is higher because you also have to pay for the period from 23 March through 3 April.

On your next invoice you will only be charged the subscription fee for the period from 4 May through 3 June.

Last invoice?

Every month you pay the subscription fee for the following month.

Your subscription or specific services were terminated during that final month. As a result you have been overcharged for your subscription. The excess amount paid for your subscription is refunded. Apart from the refunded part of your subscription fee, you are also charged for the calls made during the past billing period.

How is the refundable part calculated?

The subscription fee for the whole month is divided by the number of days in the month and then multiplied by the number of non-active days.

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