What is Lookout Premium?

What is Lookout Premium?

Your smartphone is a crucial part of both your professional and private life and as such it is a source of sensitive and confidential information. It is important to protect this information.

Lookout Premium is an application that you and your staff can use to protect your smartphone and privacy against such threats as malware, security breaches, phishing, etc. Thanks to functionalities such as Remote Lock and Remote Wipe interventions are even possible from a distance.

The app is user-friendly and treats your data with the utmost confidentiality.

Thanks to an exclusive partnership between Orange and Lookout the activation and use of the mobile app is included in our Shape Light, Shape Basic, Shape Plus, Shape Ultimate, Shape Intense and Shape Traveller subscriptions.

Each Shape user get the right to install Lookout Personal Premium on up to 5 of his devices.

Activating Lookout Premium on your smartphone

Every Shape subscription will incorporate a Lookout license to be manually installed on your smartphone via MyOrange app. Following this installation, the Lookout Premium version will automatically be active, and your smartphone will now be protected against a variety of outside threats.


This offer is valid for Orange customers who take out a Shape Light, Shape Basic, Shape Plus, Shape Ultimate, Shape Intense or Shape Traveller subscription operating between 4 March 2019 and 28 February 2022. The use of mobile data in the Lookout Premium app is deducted from the data volume included in your subscription. If you are already using the paying Lookout Premium service then this Orange offer will not cancel or replace it.

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