How to use your Voice Mail?

You’re not available? Voice Mail, your automatic and free answering service, automatically takes over. The caller hears your words of welcome and can leave you a message.


How much does it cost?

Voice Mail is totally free. You only pay an international communication when you check it from abroad.


How to use Voice Mail

Voice Mail is automatically activated for your phone number. To configure it, call 5555 and simply follow the instructions.

A missed call? Call 5555 from your mobile phone.

You are calling from another mobile phone? No problem:

  • You’re in Belgium? Dial 0495 95 55 50.
  • You’re abroad and you’re calling with a mobile phone? Dial +32 495 95 55 50.
  • You’re abroad and you’re calling from a landline telephone? Replace “+” by the international access number (00, most of the times).


Would you like an improved Voice Mail?


With Pro Voice Mail, you can receive even longer messages and keep them for a longer period of time. You can even record a longer welcome message.



Voice Mail

Pro Voice Mail

Retention period for new messages

2 weeks

4 weeks

Maximum message duration

3 minutes

5 minutes

Retention period for messages which have been listened to

1 week

2 weeks

Maximum duration of the welcome message

15 sec

30 sec

Message capacity



Compatible rate plans

Free in all rate plans

Free in Shape, Mobile Business, One Office Voice Pack, One Office Full Pack


And on smartphone?

With Visual Voice Mail, you can have easier access to your vocal messages on iPhone and Android

  • No need to call your Voice Mail to listen to your messages. The messages recorded are supplied directly on your telephone as audio recordings
  • You choose which message you want to hear: just select the message in the list  
  • Complete control on the recovery of the messages, with advanced features: rewind, pause, fast forward
  • Possibility to record your own welcome message on the telephone
  • Name and number of the caller who left a message is displayed
  • Add a contact to your address book
  • Save the audio message of the Voice Mail on the memory of your device or on another memory card


To activate Visual Voice Mail, compose #129# and choose :

  • option 1 on iPhone (you’ll receive a text message confirming the activation of Visual Voice Mail).
  • option 2 on Android (you’ll receive a text message confirming the activation of Visual Voice Mail).

To deactivate Visual Voice Mail, call #129# and choose option 3.

Visual Voicemail is compatible with all iPhones as from iOS 7.0 and Android as from 8.1.