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Growing as an entrepreneur is a process of learning, of trial and error, but most of all it’s about having the courage to choose the future and embrace innovations. More than ever, digitalisation and new technologies drive your company’s growth. As your IT partner, Orange is more than happy to strike out with you.

Let’s shape the future of your company together.


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Companies in full development are crucial to our economy. But growth is not always straightforward. There is no magic formula that works for every company. As the IT partner of both small and large businesses, Orange is happy to help sustain your growth. A key aspect in this regard is inspiration. What approach do other entrepreneurs take? What do experts advise? What concrete applications are best suited for your SME?


Under the umbrella of “connected:” we have brought together the experiences of successful companies and the advice of our experts. We’ll take a closer look with you at where the growth opportunities for your business are and what applications can help you make them a reality. Because growth is not something you achieve alone.


The digital transformation of SMEs: opportunities and obstacles

Increasingly, SMEs turn to digital tools to improve their operations, but there is no shortage of challenges. What is the best strategy for these businesses to approach their digital growth? We talked to Philippe Chevalier, founder and interim CEO of N-SIDE, Pierre Hermant, CEO of finance&, Benoît Hucq, general manager of Agence du Numérique and Michael Vanhamme of Orange Belgium.


entrepreneurs on
their growth process

The following entrepreneurs are proof that implementing digital applications isn’t just about creating opportunities for large corporations. As SMEs, they had the courage to opt for digitalisation and new technologies, and they’re happy to share their experiences.


Easy Clothes was established in 2014 as a small online clothing store. All purchases went through Facebook, with CEO Marine Grosjean’s parents’ garage as their warehouse. The company grew into a full-fledged webshop with an actual warehouse as well as a pop-up store in Liège. This initially digital adventure continues to evolve. Next step: a webshop in the US and several pop-up stores in France.

Discover how digitalisation can bring transparency and peace of mind to customers too.

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A digital journey, from a garage to the US. Martin Duchesne and Marine Grosjean, founders of Easy Clothes
The need for IT security has increased dramatically the last few years. 
Philippe Foucart, Managing Director of Technord

IT security

Evolving from an industrial electricity supplier to an integrator of Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence. That’s what Philippe Foucart and his colleagues in the Technord group have done over the past few years. Cybersecurity is at the heart of all their activities: in the hypercompetitive production sector, innovation has become a highly valued commodity.

Discover how comprehensive IT security ensures that confidential data does not fall into the hands of cybercriminals.

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Hybrid working

Buying a car immediately calls to mind salespeople in showrooms. No wonder that the Covid lockdown was a major setback for so many car dealers. For Michael Mazuin, CEO of the group that bears his name, this was the incentive to transform his teams into what he calls “sales staff 2.0”. Selling cars from a distance? All you need is a good headset. Christophe tells you all about his experiences and the lessons he has learned.

Find out which tools and applications help SMEs to efficiently enable hybrid working.

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Virtual or in the showroom? Both are viable options for the salesperson 2.0.
Why not include 3D and VR in a company’s training programmes? Jean-Marc Duyckaerts, CEO of Nirli

New technologies

Immersive technologies and virtual reality have always fascinated Jean-Marc Duyckaerts. As CEO of Nirli, he helps companies train their staff in less time. The objective is to boost understanding and accessibility with the aid of new technologies.

Discover how 5G and new technologies are challenging SMEs and providing them with opportunities for growth.

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