Orange recycles your old smartphones


You need to change your smartphone fleet, but you don't know what to do with your current devices? Or do you simply have a bunch of old mobile phones lying around in your drawers? Orange offers you several solutions so that you can stay "in style" while respecting the environment.

Orange takes back your old smartphone

With its Business BuyBack programme, Orange recovers the old smartphones and tablets from your fleet if you want to purchase more recent ones. Simply visit our website and select the devices you want to recycle. Then indicate whether or not these devices are still operational, and you’ll receive the trade-in price directly. If you recycle a minimum of 10 smartphones, Orange will pick them up at your place, free of charge. You will then receive the amount of the trade-in on your Boost Budget account. 

And it's up to you to treat yourself to the new smartphones of your choice.


Reuse your old smartphone

No need for a new smartphone but want to do something for the planet

Why not just reuse your old device? If it still works perfectly, you can convert it into an MP3 player or sat-nav. This way the battery of your current smartphone will last longer. 

You can also give it to a charity that will make good use of it by sending it abroad to make someone else happy. Or it can be recycled against benefits for the association. 

Also discover some 100% eco-friendly tips to use your smartphone.


Recycle your old electronic devices

Not tempted by any of our proposals above? In this case, all you have to do is bring your old mobile phones to a collection point for recycling

Some of their components contain elements (gold, silver, copper) that can be used to create new devices and thus reduce our impact on the planet.


With all these ideas, there’s no reason not to do your bit for the planet. Now, it's up to you!


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