Make your smartphone more environmentally friendly


With the following tips & tricks from Orange, you can use your smartphone to your heart’s content and still respect the environment at the same time.

Don't waste any energy 

Do not charge your battery for any longer than necessary. Do not leave the charger plugged—even without a connection to your device, it will consume up to 2 KWh per year.


Keep the same smartphone for longer

Your smartphone doesn't just consume energy after you have bought it. Before it even arrives in the shop, production uses a lot of raw materials, energy and transport. Is it really necessary to replace your phone with a new one every two years? Have you ever thought about updating your system and apps instead? Your 'old' smartphone will work a good while longer, even if a newer version of your smartphone has already appeared in the shops.


Give your smartphone a good spring clean every now and again

Over time, your smartphone becomes clogged with apps, downloads and photos that you might not need or use, but that increase the phone’s energyconsumption. Is your device slowing down? It’s the perfect time for a spring clean. Start by clearing your cache memory. Then find out which apps you aren’t using and remove them. You can also return to the factory settings. This is similar to reformatting your computer's hard drive; it completely cleans out your device. Whichever options you choose, a spring clean will allow you to enjoy your smartphone for longer. 


Something wrong with your smartphone? Have it fixed

A faulty smartphone does not always mean that it is time for a new device. You can easily replace a damaged or worn battery yourself. Many other defects can be fixed too. Use Easy Repair in the Orange Customer Zone to have any broken device collected for repair. We will take care of the repair and give you a replacement device to use in the meantime.


Want to upgrade your company devices? Business Buyback will recycle your old devices

Does your company have more than 10 smartphones in need of replacement? Business Buyback kills two birds with one stone: you get a good price for your old devices and you help the environment. How? After a thorough overhaul, your old smartphones are either sold again or completely recycled instead of going to waste. 

Find out the most energy-efficient way to replace your smartphones.

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