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Services to secure and manage your devices

The usage of smartphones and tablets within your company is increasing. As well as the professional information that is available on these devices. This implies that you dispose of the proper tools to manage and secure your mobile fleet. In order to help you, we offer you a number of practical solutions.


All services for keeping the daily management of your mobile devices simple

Secure and manage your mobile fleet

  • Increase the productivity of your employees
  • Secure and configure all of your devices remotely, based on your mobile policy
  • Distribute apps and provide access to your business information
  • Monitor your devices
  • Support your end-users
  • Choose a global solution for protection against all types of risks.
  • Detect both known and unknown threats.
  • Enjoy the simplicity and flexibility of a cloud solution.
  • Get one of the most advance mobile security app.
  • Ensure that the smartphones of your employees are protected.
  • Be sure that the data exchanged via their smartphone is safe.
  • Included in Connected Mobile.

Configure your devices 

Have your device repaired

Insure your mobile devices

Valorize your old mobile devices

Online Configurator

This user-friendly online application enables your employees to configure their own devices. Based on their device, brand and request, they receive detailed instructions and screenshots.

Online repair (Easy Repair)

Your mobile device is broken? Register a request in the Customer Zone, and we’ll take care of everything.

  • We collect your mobile device and return it to your site
  • Free if under warranty; if not, you receive a cost estimate up front
  • A free loan phone during the repair.

Tariff: Free

Enter a request, or track the status of your repair in the Customer Zone via:

Easy Repair application

View the conditions here

Business Insurance

Worldwide coverage of employee smartphones and tablets when damaged or stolen.

  • A replacement device delivered on site the next business day
  • No deductible (except €50 for tablets)
  • You don’t even have to notify us if you have a new mobile device. Insurance is linked to your phone number (except for tablets)
  • You have the freedom to stop the subscription after 6 months

Conditions of the offer


Download tariffs


  • In the Customer zone
  • Call 5995

Device stolen or broken?

Introduce claim

Business Buyback

Today’s mobile devices are already outdated after 3 years. But what about your old devices? Our partner CompaRecycle collects your old mobile phones and tablets − regardless of the condition − so that they can be recycled or reused and thus enjoy a second life.

  • Your old devices to sponsor for renewal of your fleet
  • Contribute to the environment : your devices get a 2nd life or the device materials are recycled
  • The data on the devices will be removed in line with electronic industry recycling standards

Additional services

Hardware Comfort

Ensure your transition to a hybrid work environment with our Hardware Comfort platform. Give your employees the freedom to work anywhere, in a secure manner, while keeping control of your company's data and activities.

A flexible, customisable and automated solution that will simplify your life.

Customer Zone

This is the place where you can consult your invoices and manage your mobile subscriptions. In your customer zone you can order an extensive range of smartphones and tablets.

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