Is your smartphone under attack from malware?


We use our mobile devices to work, send emails and bank online more and more frequently. As a result, cybercriminals are increasingly targeting mobile devices. How can you be certain your smartphone is not infected with malware? And how do you prevent this?

Detecting malicious software, commonly known as malware, is not always easy. Keep an eye out for the following signals!


Your battery drains faster than normal

Cybercriminals extract information and send data such as your emails, confidential documents and even your credit card details, draining energy from your battery.


Your smartphone does not work or is slower than usual

Are certain applications behaving strangely? Does your smartphone or tablet crash on occasion? Maybe you feel as if everything is going more slowly than it should … Try to determine whether this is caused by malware.


Your data consumption peaks unexpectedly

Always keep a close watch on the data usage of your mobile device. Is there an unusual amount of traffic? This could be an indication that malware is carrying out a variety of tasks in the background.


You are receiving strange calls and texts 

Check your list of outgoing calls and texts on a regular basis. Do you see any unfamiliar telephone numbers? Does your invoice include charges you cannot explain? Be careful: these may be ‘premium numbers’: telephone numbers for which your service provider charges extra.

Due to malware, your mobile device may be calling or texting a criminal premium number without your knowledge. A portion of the call cost is transferred directly to the cybercriminals’ bank account.


Pop-ups keep appearing

Pop-ups that keep popping up are a telltale sign of malware. Closing the app you are working with is often enough to get rid of them.


Protect yourself against malware attacks

Cyberattack prevention is of crucial importance. Raising awareness is a key factor as the user is often one of the weakest links. 

  • Opt for strong protection in your browser settings.
  • Think for a moment before clicking on a URL: are there any strange characters?
  • Never download unknown files or apps. 
  • Avoid the use of unfamiliar or public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Keep the software of your smartphone and your apps up to date. Install a security app.

Are you afraid your mobile device is infected? Contact the person in charge of mobile devices at your place of work. Thanks to the Lookout app and MTP solutions, Orange also helps to protect you and your business.


Protect your smartphone fleet in two steps with Orange.

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