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Orange is continually investing in its premium quality mobile network, offering 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G.

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Special advantages of an international group

Thanks to Orange, you have worldwide access to the best network. Moreover, you benefit from the latest technologies rolled out to the Orange Group.

Seamless calls abroad

Orange is the first operator in Europe to guarantee uninterrupted calls when you cross the Belgium-Luxembourg border. That’s possible technically because the connection is transferred to the other network automatically.

Indoor solutions to meet your needs

Orange does everything feasible to offer you the best network coverage. But you can still have less than optimal indoor coverage − especially in new, extremely well-insulated buildings. Fortunately, Orange has exactly the right expertise to offer every customer the right solution.

New: calls over WiFi and 4G

Calls over WiFi and 4G are an innovation of the existing Orange mobile network. You can benefit from this technology with a compatible smartphone and tariff plan.


You can call where you couldn’t call before, via a WiFi network. The ideal solution for you if you have poor network coverage at home or at the office.

More info on VoWIFI


VoLTE (Voice over LTE/4G) means that you can make calls via the 4G network. Previously, calls were made via the 2G or 3G network. What does this mean for you? Better sound quality and a faster connection. You can simultaneously call and browse the web at 4G speed over mobile internet on your smartphone.

More info on VoLTE

Solutions that meet your specific needs

Crystal clear calls thanks to HD Voice

The quality of your calls is our highest priority. That’s why, in 2010, we were the first operator in Belgium to launch HD Voice technology. The result: crystal clear calls and perfect filtering of background noise. HD Voice is activated on all SIM cards, free of charge. To benefit from this service, both you and your correspondent must be Orange customers and have compatible devices.

Orange 4G/5G networks

Thanks to constant investments in its mobile network, Orange already offers a high-quality 4G network. The progressive deployment of 5G makes it possible to offer even faster connections and shorter reaction times, offering new perspectives to businesses.

More info on 5G/Discover 5G

Roaming quality

Orange offers you the best reception and the best network coverage worldwide.

Discover our additional services

4G/5G for all of your employees

Thanks to the Shape formulas, you can work anywhere problem-free. Benefit from 4G and 5G with a tariff plan that also includes a data bundle.

All about Shape

4G and 5G smartphones at the best conditions

Choose from our catalogue a smartphone or tablet that meets your needs and offers fast internet. The Hardware Bonus Program provides you with a budget that you can spend immediately on the best devices.

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Discover more about the Hardware Bonus Program

Reliable fixed network

Because it’s continually monitored and managed proactively, our fiber optic network offers you the required guarantees regarding quality and transparency.

Discover our fixed network

Solutions for solving your indoor reception problems

Even with our network’s coverage, you still have problems with reception in your buildings? We can help you with effective customised solutions.

Discover more about our indoor solutions

Internet of Things

Thanks to Orange technology, your machines can communicate without any problem − putting you in the best position to benefit fully from the Internet of Things.

Discover more about the Internet of Things

An eco-responsible network

As a climate-conscious company, Orange switched to green energy in 2009. The exploitation of our mobile network accounts for 95% of our energy consumption whereas the remaining 5% is generated by our offices and the Orange shops. Our efforts aim to drastically reduce the energy consumption of our network. Every new investment in our network focuses on the creation of more energy-efficient equipment.

Together towards a more sustainable world.

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