Innovative ICT supports ACEG’s growth


Process digitalisation, better customer service and improved employee productivity: ACEG achieved all this by switching to a new communication platform. Discover the story of this growing company.

ACEG is the largest accredited inspection body under Belgian ownership. It handles the entire inspection process, from request stage to implementation and reporting. Orange Belgium’s virtual Cloud Telephony PBX has supported ACEG’s operations perfectly for many years, giving staff the flexibility to work in different locations without sacrificing availability. The inherent scalability of Cloud Telephony allowed ACEG to gradually expand its business.


Solutions that grow with you

However, ACEG’s growth hasn’t remained gradual. In recent years, the company has been making huge progress, so its ICT requirements have changed. As companies grow, it is imperative that their ICT solutions grow with them. ACEG’s collaboration with Orange Belgium had been going smoothly for years, so they wanted to know whether Orange could help. The experts from Orange Belgium worked with ACEG to find a solution that meets the organisation’s current and future needs.


Central customer service

Customer satisfaction has always been a priority for ACEG. It aims to simplify inspection processes for its customers using digital solutions such as the Inspection Platform. ACEG doesn’t want to compromise on availability either. Based on these two factors, ACEG and Orange Belgium chose the Webex Contact Center, an advanced customer services solution from Cisco that combines thorough digital customer support with the option of personal contact. The analysis and reporting applications show where there is room for improvement and how to innovate customer service further.


ACEG testimonial

How was the transition from Cloud Telephony to the Webex Contact Center? And how does the new system benefit ACEG? In the video below, HR Manager Wesley Moreels and Head of Information Technology Dieter Herbots talk about the search for a new ICT solution for their organisation.



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