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2 GB




8.00 €/month

per card


10 GB

150 minutes

Unlimited texts


15.00 €/month

per card


30 GB

Unlimited calls

Unlimited texts


25.00 €/month

per card


150 GB

Unlimited calls

Unlimited texts


35.00 €/month

per card



Unlimited Data, calls and texts & International


46.90 €/month

per card



Unlimited Data, calls and texts & more International


61.80 €/month

per card


Prices are exclusive of VAT

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Included in all the Shape formulas


5G access

With 5G Ready smartphone and if you are in 5G covered area.

More info about 5G

Free calls between colleagues

All calls within your fleet are free

Data reload

Option of buying a data top-up of 500 MB (€4.13) or 2 GB (€14) - valid for 40 days in Belgium and the EU

Security application

Lookout Premium (mobile security solution) included.

Additional advantages according to your needs

Subscription with smartphone

Exclusive access to the Hardware Bonus Program: for every 24-month subscription to Shape Ultimate, Traveller or Intense and an additional €2 you receive a purchase budget valid for a selection of 4G devices. Have them delivered to your site or receive vouchers to be presented in our stores.


With your Shape Ultimate, Shape Intense or Shape Traveller bundle, you access the Coyote navigation and the road information service in real time, free of charge.

Premium Data

Boost the data of your Shape Intense or Shape Traveller subscription with our Premium Data option: 70 GB extra to surf in on Orange 4G network and on 5G network up to 1 Gbps and 30 GB extra to surf in the EU. And that for just €30 per month (excl. VAT). Don't hesitate to ask for your Surf Extra Card to share all your data volumes.

A solution adapted to private and professional use

Invoice Split

With Invoice Split, you set the maximum amount invoiced to the company. Each additional euro cent is charged to the end user’s account. So you can offer a fringe benefit to your employees while keeping your costs under control.

More information

Customer zone

Your company can easily manage all of the cards via the business Customer Zone, where you find an overview of your cards, new cards, changes of formulas, modification of options, etc.

My Orange

With the My Orange app, each user has a clear view of his/her consumption at all times. In My Orange, employees who have Invoice Split can also themselves activate roaming bundles that meet their needs.

Rates and conditions

Out-of-bundle rates

Calls 0,106 €/min
Data 0,0476 €/MB


Unused minutes and data are not carried forward to the following month. You will receive a text message notification when you have used 80% and 100% of the data volume of your bundle.

Data volume

The data volume included in the Shape formulas is valid in Belgium and the EU for Shape Light, Basic and Plus. For Shape Ultimate, the data included is 150 GB in Belgium and 32,5 GB in the rest of the EU. For Shape Intense & Traveller, the data included is 300 GB in Belgium and 65 GB in the rest of the EU.

Calls and texts

The calls and texts included in the Shape formulas are valid in Belgium and the EU.
The calls and texts included in Shape Intense and Shape Traveller are unlimited from Belgium to EU.

Data Bonus

Data Bonus is an advantage granted free of charge to new and existing Shape & Fix customers with the professional fixed telephony option. The national data volume included in the Shape Light, Basic, Plus and Ultimate formulas will be doubled and taken into account for surfing at normal speed.

International et roaming

The 3000 minutes or texts in Shape Traveller are valid from the EU (Belgium included) to the Best Destinations, from the Best Destinations to the EU (Belgium included), or within the Best Destinations zone

The 3GB included in Shape Traveller are valid in the Best Destinations zone

The Best Destinations zone includes the following countries:Australia, Canada, Cape Verde, China, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey and United States

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Did you know that?

The SIM card is still essential for connecting to the mobile network, but its form has evolved significantly! It is becoming increasingly green: the Eco-SIM is made of 100% recycled plastic (1st in the world), the Half ID SIM contains 50% less plastic. A SIM card is in itself a small piece of plastic but since Orange distributes hundreds of thousands of them every year, we avoid a major negative impact on the environment.

Together towards a more sustainable world.

*Only valid with one of the fixed telephony options

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