Analyse your mobile use with our revamped Business Zone


The Business Zone is a practical tool that makes it easy to analyse the consumption of your mobile fleet. Thanks to the recent revamping of this tool you can now check all the relevant data in the blink of an eye. Get cracking with our 5 tips. 

Your mobile fleet is an essential part of communication between your employees and with your customers and suppliers. Mobile communications often make a serious dent in your company budget, making it important to closely monitor users’ consumption. 

Our revamped Business Zone is the perfect solution to help you carry out this analysis. The following 5 tips will help you make the most of this user-friendly tool.


Tip 1: Personalise your Business Zone

Enter your business structure in your Business Zone. Create departments and link names with telephone numbers. This gives you a permanent overview so you can monitor consumption efficiently at any given time. 


Tip 2: Perform analyses at different levels

The Business Zone lets you analyse your mobile fleet and related expenses in various ways:

  • Check the main financial info from the last month
  • Track evolutions throughout the year
  • Zoom in on consumption details per department or individual employee


Tip 3: Quickly adjust staff tariff plans

The analysis tool immediately reveals evolutions in consumption. Is a specific department or employee exceeding the data allowance? If so, you can take immediate action.

A concrete example: since the lockdown, teleworking has become standard in many companies, which obviously has an impact on data consumption. In your Business Zone you can easily analyse changes in consumption and determine which employees need more data. It’s then easy to change the tariff plan of those employees in the Business Zone so they can continue to telework efficiently without exceeding their data allowance. 


Tip 4: Use the standard reports

The revamped Business Zone includes an extensive library of standard reports so you can easily and quickly draw up reports and download them in different formats (CSV, XML or PDF).


Tip 5: Update your Business Zone

Did you know there is also an advanced version of the Business Zone? This paid version lets you gear your Business Zone to your needs even better. You can draw up personalised reports and automatically forward them to the chief stakeholders every month. And you can easily create your own filters, for instance if you only want to display the reporting data for users with a specific subscription.

To use the advanced version, it first needs to be activated. Contact your account manager to do this.


Haven’t discovered our revamped Business Zone yet? Then be sure to watch this tutorial and get cracking!

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