Enterprise Messaging

Your omnichannel communication

Orange Enterprise Messaging enables you to interact with your clients through various communication channels from one single integrated location.

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Orange Enterprise Messaging

Communicate with your clients on their preferred channels

Communicate efficiently using Enterprise Messaging, a professional solution that enables you to send text, WhatsApp and voice messages, or to use AI from a dedicated platform or directly from your business applications.

Orange Enterprise Messaging integrates more than 30 messaging channels and ensures transparent communication between your personnel and clients from various industries.

Send appointment reminders or rotas to your teams and use two-factor authentication to ensure secure online transactions. All this with tracking and reporting functionalities and tailor-made modules that meet all your organisation’s requirements.

AI conversation

Text messages


Voice messages

WhatsApp Business

Chatbot solution

Artificial Intelligence assisted conversation

Our AI-trained chatbots have the intelligence to understand the intention and the needs of the users and to provide them with quick replies.

Gain new prospective clients or optimise your customer service

Our solution offers a whole host of possibilities:

Unlimited creation

Build codeless chatbots with sophisticated personalisation methods.

Integration on various channels

Provide end-to-end conversations in more than 60 languages on more than 30 channels.

Result monitoring

Monitor the personalised measurements and the data of each functionality to gain deeper insight.


Combine our solutions

Communicate directly and efficiently with your target audience through various channels to send the correct information to the correct person and in the appropriate format.

Combine text messages, voice, WhatsApp, conversational AI and e-mails.

Text messages

The messages are opened on average within 3 minutes from receipt.

Support your marketing, operational and security processes with instant and efficient text messages.

WhatsApp Business

Share and receive documents, images, files and web links.

Send reminders, enquiries, confirmations and much more with the use of personalised models.

Voice messages

Implement automated voice message campaigns to communicate with your target audience on any telephone number.


Massively improve your interactions by using e-mail-based A2P messaging.

Conversational AI

Improve your customer’s experience by entering into real-time conversations wherever or whenever they need help.

Detailed tariffs

Opt for the formula that meets your business requirements


Easy messaging Enterprise messaging Basic Enterprise messaging Plus Enterprise messaging Ultimate
Target group A free of charge service included in your mobile subscription to send up to 100 text messages per month Ideal for low text message volumes Ideal for larger volumes, integration with professional applications or tailor-made solutions Ideal for larger volumes, integration with professional applications or tailor-made solutions
Functionalities Email2SMS (link your e-mail to your mobile phone to send text messages directly from your mailbox) Webtool Enterprise Messaging Basic
Access to API
Other communication channels (WhatsApp, e-mail, voice, AI)
Enterprise Messaging Plus
1 module of your choice (REST API, two-factor authentication, Inbound, StaffMatch or StaffSafe)
Monthly tariff Free of charge €10.00/month On demand On demand
Price/text message Text message tariffs as defined in your tariff plan €00.09/text message On demand On demand


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