Indoor Coverage

Optimal coverage indoors

Improve the mobile signal thanks to the Network Extender.

Our network performs very well in terms of coverage inside buildings. Even so, highly effective insulation or concrete walls can weaken the 3G and 4G signal. To remedy this, we provide high-performance solutions for companies.

First of all, we offer the standard Network Extender solution: directly connected to your internet line, the Network Extender provides a 3G and 4G signal at a radius of 15 metres and can manage up to 64 calls simultaneously. Along with this solution, we develop customized solutions for large enterprises.


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The advantages of the Network Extender

Une solution simple

A simple solution

This standard solution is simple, effective, inexpensive, and instantly solves your coverage problems inside buildings.

Installé par un professionnel

Installed by a professional

A certified technician takes care of installing, testing and setting the parameters for your Network Extender.

Network Extender: une solution rapide et efficace

Network Extender: a fast, effective solution

A Femtocell, connected to your internet line. 3G and 4G signal within a radius of 15 meters. Up to 64 simultaneous calls.

Test your network coverage

Use our tool to verify the network coverage at your site.

Test our network

What to do if you experience an abnormally low mobile coverage in your offices?

Make sure your broadband connection meets the requirements of FemtoCell (Network Extender 3G/4G) to the Orange network

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A mobile solution tailored to your needs

Choose our Connected Mobile solution for companies and reap the rewards of improved network coverage in your buildings.

Optimal mobile coverage

We offer a high-performance mobile network.

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