Fixed Mobile Unification

Integration mobile and fixed-line phones for large companies

Thanks to Fixed Mobile Unification (FMU), your mobile and fixed-line phones can now work in perfect harmony. FMU enables mobile phones to be integrated into your telephone exchange. Consequently, you can rest assured your customers and professional contacts are always put in contact with the right person right away!

What is Fixed Mobile Unification ?

The advantages of Fixed Mobile Unification

Total accessibility

A missed call is a missed opportunity! Thanks to FMU, all incoming calls can be directed to employees’ mobile or fixed-line phones...or both!

An ideal work/life balance

In Business Mode, you will be able to receive personal and business calls. In Private Mode, only personal calls will go through to your mobile. Other calls can be redirected to a colleague. 

Stable and reliable numbers

You no longer need a long list of numbers on your business card. Your professional number is also accessible on your mobile phone and goes with you wherever you go. In case of a job change, the fixed-line number remains the same and is reallocated to another mobile phone.

Optimise your communications management

Incoming and outgoing fixed-line and mobile calls can be managed from your current telephone exchange. You simply decide whether to route the call to a fixed-line or mobile phone (or both).

Maximum focus on your business

With web interfaces for you and your employees, automated processes and a professional installation, everything is set up to make life easier for you. Allowing you to maximally focus on your business!

What can FMU do for you?

One number

Use the same number for your mobile and fixed-line phone to both receive and make calls. Use your voice mailbox for all of your business calls.

Mobile activity

When you are taking a call on your mobile phone, your secretary can see this on his/her desktop phone.

Private/business calendar

Switch easily between business and private mode.

Double ring

You can select whether you would like your fixed-line and mobile phones ring simultaneous when calls come in.

Integrate your mobile phone into your call flow

Calls to your mobile number can make your fixed-line phone ring.

Call transfers and shortcut numbers

Transfer incoming calls from customers or other contacts to the right person. You can do this directly from your mobile phone using shortcut numbers.

Plug & Play

This system works on any device without the need for additional software and can be integrated into any IP PBX.

Dedicated solutions

A dedicated platform is configured and connected to your telephone exchange to ensure maximum availability and flexibility.

Additional services

Orange’s Fixed Mobile Unification is a product which can be specifically adapted to your individual needs in consultation with our experts.

A few examples:

Roaming with FMU

This service can be adapted for use throughout Europe.

Split bills

Depending on the FMU user’s status (private/business), bills can be split between employer and employee.

Thanks to FMU, you can record your mobile phone calls in just the same way as you can for your fixed-line phone calls.

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