Connected Business

Our mobile, internet and fixed telephony packs for companies

Give your company the internet it deserves. We promise to offer you a gigafast experience, in the office and far beyond. Discover the quality and versatility of our offers for a made-to-measure connectivity.

Connected Business

Download : up to 500 Mbps

Upload : up to 50 Mbps

4G backup included

Free 1 Gbps Internet Boost as an option

Unlimited, reliable and gigafast internet

Fixed telephony offer included

Choice of mobile subscriptions included

A wide range of options for optimal connectivity

Free commissioning

Easy management of your products and options via your Customer Zone

Need more than 10 Business internet connections?

Contact us now to receive a personalised offer adapted to your professional needs !

Fixed telephony options Our professional fixed telephony solutions adapted to your needs

Choose between a configuration with or without telephone exchange or opt for an extended experience with our hosting in the cloud. Our solutions integrate harmoniously with your existing infrastructure, offering optimal flexibility for efficient company communications.

Cloud Telephony

VoIP telephony with telephone exchange

With Cloud Telephony, your employees can be easily reached and can respond to all calls, even when they are working at home. A solution combining stability and flexibility, thanks to its virtual telephone exchange.

Connected Internet Extra

Tailor-made solution integrated with your existing telephone exchange (PBX)

Enjoy flexible formulas adapted to the profile of each of your workers. Benefit from an easy installation that integrates the solution into your company in just 4 weeks. Further simplify the management with a fixed IP address, facilitating the control of internally-hosted resources.

Advanced options Even more advantages for your internet

Fixed IP address

Remotely access PCs, servers and security cameras via VPN as well as the use of your own e-mail or web server.

Multi-site solution

Accelerate your digital transformation with a modern network. A solution guaranteeing you performance, security and resilience when faced with teleworking, cloud apps and the proliferation of connected objects.

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Orange Advantages Why choose a Connected Business offer?

High-speed internet

Enjoy an exceptionally high-speed connection, with a standard download speed of 500 Mbps, capable of reaching 1 Gbps as an option. A solution specifically designed to meet the needs of companies.

Unlimited internet

Benefit from unlimited internet access. Download, stream and work online in complete freedom, without worrying about data restrictions.

4G backup

Guarantee your activity’s continuity thanks to our 4G backup solution, which comes standard for professionals. Remain connected and operational in case of interruption.

Orange TV available

Access a wide range of content with Orange TV. Entertainment, information and exclusive programmes, all within easy reach.

Mesh Wi-Fi

Opt for our Wi-Fi services with a Mesh lease model. Our team of experts assures a professional installation and verifies the performances of the Wi-Fi inside your building, guaranteeing optimal connectivity.

Integrated firewall

Secure your data with our integrated firewall. Protect your network against online threats, thus ensuring a secure and reliable connection.

Free installation

Save with our free installation. Enjoy a professional installation without added costs.

Rates and conditions Detailed rates and conditions


The modem is included if you opt for the unlimited internet connection at 55€/month. The price of 55€/month includes a reduction of 7€ linked to your mobile subscriptions. If you cancel all your mobile subscriptions, the amount for the internet will be raised to 62€/month.

Don´t have cable? In some cases, Orange can do what is necessary for the installation. More information here

Fixed telephony

The unlimited calls rate plan includes unlimited calls to Belgian fixed numbers (apart from premium and special numbers (0900, 070, etc.)).

It also includes 2400 minutes to Belgian mobile numbers as well as to fixed and mobile numbers in Germany, Andorra, Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, the United States, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Morocco, Monaco, Norway, the Netherlands, Palestine, Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Romania, the United Kingdom, Russia, San Marino, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan and Turkey.

(*: only to fixed numbers) The unlimited volume of call minutes is valid for a normal (even intensive) personal and professional use. Orange reserves the right to restrict the provision of the service, to suspend and/or cancel your contract, and/or to take other measures that it deems useful or necessary.

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