Data Analytics

Translate data into business opportunities

In this digital era with increasing competition it is key to keep on improving your business. One of the most powerful enablers for this are (big) data analytics. Addressing new sources of data (Orange network data) and using new technologies (AI, predictive modeling, business intelligence solutions) have shown to boost business to a great extent. Orange has the right expertise and a proven track record in providing you with meaning full insights to support your decision making.

Data Analytics in video

Thanks to its Data Analytics solution, Orange allows you to exploit an as-yet untapped source of information, enriching your business intelligence.


By converting millions of data points into statistical indicators in real time using its mobile network, while guaranteeing total anonymity by permanently deleting personal information. This will allow us to analyse how often certain places are visited and how people move. This output can be combined with your existing business data.

The result?

You get new insights on your (potential) customers or visitors and their behaviour, allowing to optimize the provided services, infrastructure and communication.

Your benefits

Improve offers and services

  • Manage resources according to peak hours
  • Adapt stocks to crowd flows

Boost marketing efficiency

  • Adapt product and services to customer's profile
  • Personalize customer experience by catchment area
  • Target and adapt advertising to customer segments

Data optimization

  • Reduced time and costs (compared to traditional surveys)
    • ✔ no logistics and investments needed

      ✔ no field presence needed

  • Flexibility of data
    • ✔ 365/24/7 available

      ✔ adaptable by geographical zone (international), period and other indicators

100% reliability

  • Larger sample than street interviews
    • ✔ Both indoor as outdoor
  • Anonymized data through approved algorithms
  • GDPR compliant

Different solutions for different usecases


Analyse movement flows in a certain area

Events & Tourism

Measure attendance and visitor profiling


Better understand your visitors & their behavior


Measure impact of an event/promotion

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