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Do you want to offer more flexibility to your employees? Without increasing your workload and loosing control on what happens with your enterprise data and assets?

Ensure your smooth transition into the hybrid working environment with our Hardware Comfort platform.

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Towards a more flexible and modern workplace

Thanks to digital technology and new collaborative tools, working methods are evolving towards greater flexibility. New ways of working remotely are developing and the range of mobile terminals (smartphones or tablets) is also growing.

In this new way of working, flexibility has become key to attracting new talents and keeping your employees happy and productive. This change however comes with some new challenges.

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«Flexibility is about working anywhere, anytime and on any device.»

Today’s hybrid working environment challenges

There’s no doubt that remote working has proven to be both effective and appreciated.

On the other hand, your enterprise’s IT might have become more complex and your employee’s expectations higher. So, what can we do to make your life easier?

Your IT pain points & our solutions

Your employees’ requests for full flexibility regarding their workplace as well as their tools of choice undoubtedly increases your IT team’s workload. The need for support tools to enable this remote work, meanwhile, increases costs.

How would Hardware Comfort help you?

  • Reducing workload on daily IT operations and end user support
  • Asset management : up-to-date visibility on enterprise assets, thus reducing security concerns such as shadow IT
  • Tools supporting the hybrid working and remote management of the increasing number of different employee devices

Your HR pain points & our solutions

You might have noticed how more and more challenging it has become to attract new talents and to keep them happy. Offering a flexible workplace nowadays is a real advantage but it can be difficult to define and implement an employee policy, as well as managing different employee benefits.

No worries though, Hardware Comfort helps you with:

  • Providing your employees with a budget adapted to their profile
  • Providing your employees full flexibility choice on their benefits
  • Facilitating of the management of your cafeteria plan
  • Providing support to remote workers after work hours
  • Automatic onboarding of employees or consultants
  • Less administrative burden

Why should you
choose Hardware Comfort?

By opting for our Hardware Comfort platform, you’re getting a portal that not only offers numerous benefits in terms of employee experience but also empowers both your IT and HR departments. You can easily assign different budgets to your employees and manage all kinds of employee benefits (cafeteria plan).

With Hardware Comfort, you’re provided with an easy tool that supports remote working while your operational workload gets drastically reduced. Thus simplifying your life as well as your employees’!

5 reasons to choose Hardware Comfort:


Open IT architecture & facilitating employee flexibility


Simple user interface for optimal employee experience

Future proof

Adaptable to future company requirements

Cost saving

Automation of manual flows

Fixed price per user model (no hidden cost)

One-stop shop

Complete solution on one single invoice

Hardware Comfort : 3 flavors


Equip your employees

  • Employee portal
  • Custom e-shop
  • Asset visibility
  • Remote SIM management
  • Fleet Manager support


Improve employee experience

Connect features and:

  • E-shop employee top-up
  • Validation flow
  • Repair service
  • Employee support
  • Remote asset actions


Fully customized and automated

Experience features and:

  • Multiple active directory integration
  • Multiple MDM
  • Automated flows & actions (BOTS)
  • Custom reporting
  • SLA’s

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