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With 5G we have entered a new era – one of faster, smarter, and more efficient connectivity. The Orange 5G solutions for business make the best use of advanced network features, making them your gateway to exploring the revolutionary potential of 5G for your business.

5G with Orange

Discover the power of 5G Standalone (SA)

At Orange Belgium, we believe that 5G has the power to revolutionize your business and industry. From Industry 4.0 to smart cities, healthcare, transportation, and entertainment, our solutions based on the cutting-edge 5G technology are designed to unleash unprecedented opportunities for growth and innovation.


Endless applications for your business



Industry 4.0 is the digital reinvention of all links in the industrial chain: from innovation to customer relations or logistics, powering the machine learning.

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Transport & Logistics

The development of connected vehicles, evolving towards great autonomy, optimizes transport, with a view to shared mobility. 5G makes connected and autonomous vehicles more reliable.

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Safety & Defense

5G offers many possibilities in terms of secure connections. Reducing latency and radio interference, 5G is built for (video) surveillance and traffic management, managing them in real time. Also, transporting medical equipment by drone.

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Smart cities

5G helps shape smart cities of tomorrow by accelerating the multiplication of sensors for generalized monitoring of pollution, noise, temperature, humidity … Here again, real-time decision-making will directly benefit the management of cities, agriculture and traffic.

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Media & entertainment

5G will accelerate consumer demand for personal and live-streamed video content, such as sports, news, gaming and events. Faster download speeds combined with lower latency enables high-quality, interactive video experiences without any kind of interruption, making extended reality (XR) more efficient.

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5G will facilitate the transmission of critical data in near real time, particularly for monitoring patients hospitalized at home.

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Speed and latency

5G stand-alone network

SA stands for “standalone access”. The 5G network has its own facilities. 5G SA features significant improvements in terms of speed and latency for users, and is completely independent from the 4G network.

«One advantage of 5G at large industrial sites such as the Port of Antwerp is that it offers the quality of a fibre connection without the need for laying any cables. This allows companies to save money and gives them the freedom to move their systems around their premises. Thanks to 5G, industrial applications are becoming mobile»

Gert Pauwels, 5G Business Developer

In December 2019, Orange was the first provider in Belgium to launch a stand-alone 5G network for businesses in the Port of Antwerp and defined three 5G use case categories:


Enhanced mobile

High data speed

Faster, more uniform user experiences

x10 to x100 faster than 4G: send up to 20 Gb in 1 second

  • V2X
  • Maintenance VR/AR
  • Collaboration workspace
  • Public safety
  • Video broadcast

Ultra-reliable and low-latency communications

Always-on network

Ultralow latency and high reliability

Extremely fast reaction time: 7 millisecond in real-time. The network responses immediately.

  • Robot management
  • Industrial asset management
  • Telemedicine consultation
  • Remote training
  • Autonomous car V2V

Massive machine-type communications

Connect to a hugh number of devices

Efficient communications with deep coverage

1,000,000 connected objects per km2

  • Home automation
  • Health wearables
  • Smart cities network
  • Drone & asset management
  • Mobility as a service

Start Walking 5G

Game changer for a sustainable future

Discover the possibilities of the 5G SA for your business with our “Start Walking 5G” offer.


Awareness & discovery

  • Workshop and training to discover 5G SA: present & future
  • Technical & business stream
  • Add digits factory labs/showcases

Proof of concept quick-start

3 months to implement and experiment with one 5G SA simple use case on public slice.

- or -

Tailored proof of value

6 months to explore, implement and assess two advanced, tailored 5G SA cases on private slices.

Orange 5G Lab

Experience the future at an Orange 5G Lab!

The Orange 5G Lab in Antwerp or Liège is your gateway to explore the limitless possibilities of the fifth-generation revolution.

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