Webinar : IT SECURITY - Fortinet Security Fabric

Tuesday, 20 April, 2021 - 09:00

Organizations are rapidly adopting digital innovation initiatives to accelerate their businesses transformations and the way they create value. To support new digital workflows, corporate infrastructures need to evolve constantly. The infrastructure evolution comes with an increase of cyber security risks. Organizations must cope with increased attack surfaces, advanced threats, growing infrastructure complexity, and an expanding regulatory landscape. To accomplish their desired digital innovation outcomes while effectively managing risks and minimizing complexities, organizations need to adopt a cybersecurity platform that provides complete perimeter security and visibility across their environment. With the growing integration between Security and WAN, the security platform also becomes a means to manage both security and network operations easily. The Fortinet Security Fabric solves these challenges with broad, integrated, and automated solutions that enable security-driven networking, zero-trust network access, dynamic cloud security, and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven security operations.