A digital future for small construction firms? Of course!

The construction industry in Belgium is undergoing a major evolution. One of the most important changes is the increase in digitalisation. How do you feel about this development? Do you see it as an opportunity, a necessary evil, or perhaps even a threat?

Digitalisation: more than a few fancy tools?

Digitalisation is so much more than implementing a few fun digital or online tools. And at Orange, we understand this all too well. It takes a mindset and an approach that allows everyone to be involved. That’s why it’s high time to take a closer look at what digitalisation can do for you, your company and your workforce.  


Discover your digital future

In a transparent whitepaper, Orange gives an overview of the situation in a clear whitepaper. It focuses on the situation for every type of construction firm. takes stock of the situation by focusing on the situation in every type of construction firm. Orange leads the way by specifically developing bespoke solutions for construction companies, from international groups to SMEs. 

Our whitepaper will bring you up to speed and give you a good idea of how your company can approach the digitalisation process. Together with several industry experts we take stock of the digitalisation process in the Belgian construction industry. What are the benefits and the obstacles? And most importantly: how do you get started?  


Let our whitepaper guide you

Regardless of how many sites you’re building on, your company has a digital future as well. From mobile subscriptions and Wi-Fi hotspots at construction sites to data connections tailored to your company. Are you ready for the digital future? Click here to download our whitepaper “Towards a digital future for your construction company”.


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