Growing together with Cloud Telephony


Today, more than 10,000 Belgian users have chosen Cloud Telephony by Orange as their telephony solution. With a virtual switchboard tailored to your SME, you can deliver optimal reachability. And this is still the case in 2024.

Are your employees increasingly working from home and at different locations? With Cloud Telephony, they can stay in touch effortlessly, with each other and with your customers. Cloud Telephony also enables smaller businesses to exchange their local switchboard for a flexible switchboard in the cloud, a trend that will continue through 2024.

Orange Belgium launched Cloud Telephony back in 2020 and the solution has continued to evolve. Did you know that our very first customer, Ets. Demlenne & Fils from Beauraing, is still a loyal customer today? True to form, we are looking forward to presenting our customers with several new features in 2024. These fresh possibilities will create an even better user experience for you and your employees.


The perfect integration of fixed and mobile

One of those innovations is mobile integration. This solution allows you to integrate your mobile devices in your telephone switchboard. So you can use the same number for all your calls, regardless of whether those calls come in on your mobile or your landline.

What’s more, you can have incoming calls transferred to either your mobile or your landline. Or better still, to both! Thanks to mobile integration, you won’t miss a single call. This is not a luxury: after all, a significant part of all business communication still takes place over the phone. A missed call is a missed opportunity.

And finally, your customers and business relations also benefit from a solution like mobile integration, which was previously reserved for large companies. From their very first call, your new customers get to talk to the right person in your company.


Improved interface

A uniform and transparent user experience is crucial for fast adoption and efficient use of these new, hybrid telephony options. This also requires an adapted interface. We will continue to focus on this in 2024, so all our customers can rely on a solution that is perfectly geared to their needs.



Want to know more about the Cloud Telephony succes story? Contact your account manager to know if Cloud Telephony is the ideal solution for your business.

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