How do you keep the smartphones in your fleet healthy?



It’s only natural: you want to keep your smartphone fleet in good condition. But how do you extend the smartphones lifespan? Share out tips with your staff members.



Clean up

Your smartphone is very slowly becoming clogged with apps, downloads and photos. Because of this, it’s going to use a lot more energy and work less efficiently. It’s important, every now and then, to make time for a big clean up.

  • Start by deleting your cache memory
  • Look into which apps you don’t use and delete them
  • Update the operating system and all apps and restart your device regularly
  • You can also reset the factory settings, deleting everything from your device


Protection from external factors

A smartphone costs a lot of money; take good care of it.

  • Buy a sturdy case that protects your device from falls
  • Protect your screen from scratches with transparent protective film
  • Keep the device at room temperature so the battery is taxed less


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