How do you provide a stable VPN connection?


8 out of 10 businesses told our recent survey they expected teleworking to continue after the coronavirus crisis. If your staff are working from home, you’ll need both a secure VPN and a powerful internet connection.

With a VPN network, your employees can remotely connect with your company server—in complete security.

To guarantee the quality of the connection, two points are essential:

  • Your company needs internet access with sufficient capacity and with uploads and downloads running equally quickly. Your internet connection must be able to manage all the data streams from, for example, videoconferences between your staff members.
  • It’s also handy to be able to monitor all VPN traffic. This ensures that you are immediately able to respond to any capacity problems.

Corporate Internet from Orange offers you all these possibilities while providing a flexible, expandable security gateway.


Would you like to keep an eye on the productivity of staff members working from home? Contact your account manager.

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