MDM and MTP: What’s the difference?


Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Threat Protection (MTP) are sometimes confused with each other. Do you need one if you already have the other? We explain the differences and show you how they work with each other.


Mobile Device Management

Mobile Threat Protection

Remotely erasing all company data Yes No
Remotely blocking access Yes No
Remotely running diagnostics and other checks Yes No
Selecting which employees have access to which data Yes No
Installing and updating apps and content on devices Yes No
Detecting known and unknown threats No Yes
Blocking threats In combination with MTP Through integration with MDM
Live dashboard​​​​​​​ Consumption and status Threats
Automatic installation and configuration​​​​​​​ Yes (for Android devices purchased from Orange) Yes
Self-service portal for staff​​​​​​​ Yes Nee
Compatible with​​​​​​​ Android, iOS Android, iOS
Monthly subscription per device​​​​​​​ Yes Yes
Low system requirements​​​​​​​ Yes Yes


In short, Mobile Device Management lets you manage your staff members’ mobile phones so they can work with maximum efficiency. Mobile Threat Protection protects their mobile phones and devices from threats. Since the detected threats are also blocked, you have optimum protection when you work with both solutions.


Would you like to know more? Check out our pages on Mobile Device Management and Mobile Threat Protection, or ask your account manager for a full rundown.

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