Network slicing: your own lane on the 5G data highway

Applications 5G network slicing

Network slicing provides your industrial applications with their own part of the standalone 5G network. In other words, each slice is a piece of private network, like having a dedicated lane on a motorway. This means your applications aren’t impeded by anything. We’ve set out the most important benefits for you here. 


What is 5G network slicing?  Network slicing means Orange reserves part of the standalone 5G network for a particular application or customer so that nothing can impede it.   Benefits  •	Flexible Each slice is adapted to an application's unique requirements. •	Cost-efficient Making a portion of public network private costs less than setting up a whole private network from scratch. •	Reliable and secure  Your own segment of the network is for your use only, guaranteeing optimum availability and security.  Applications  •	Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications (URLCC) Low latency (< 5ms)  e.g. drones, industrial sensors (Industry 4.0), autonomous vehicles •	Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) High bandwidth (> 1 Gbps)  e.g. security cameras, VR headsets •	Massive Machine-Type Communications (mMTC) Large numbers of devices (1 million connected devices per km²)  e.g. wearables, smart cities, asset management •	Specific QoS (Quality of Service) e.g. mission-critical communications

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