UZ Brussel: "Easy access is absolutely vital to us."


UZ Brussel processes more than 110,000 incoming calls and more than 50,000 outgoing calls each month. Not one of these calls can be missed.

Many patients’ first contact with UZ Brussel is by phone. They call the hospital in case of an emergency or to make an appointment with a doctor, for example. Each of these calls is important: not one call can be missed due to a network overload or defective line.

UZ Brussel opted for Orange. The university hospital’s System Administration Manager Eric Pattyn explains why: “We know that Orange has the right expertise and the capacity to handle all our telephone traffic effectively."

The solution is a redundant system. If the copper connection is damaged because of digging work for example, the university hospital can still make and receive calls.


Find out more? Read the UZ Brussel testimonial here.

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