Your new-look Customer Zone!


Managing your company SIM cards has never been quicker or easier with our new, improved Customer Zone.


1. A clear overview of the fleet

All your company SIM cards are laid out in a more efficient, user-friendly way, giving you a clear and accurate overview. You can see which options have been activated and the status for all company SIM cards at a glance.


2. Faster update processing

This at-a-glance layout enables you to make an activation or deactivation request, a temporary suspension or reactivation with just a few clicks. You can update individual cards or several cards at once. What's more, it is completely free of charge to make temporary suspension requests via the Customer Zone.


3. Shape customer? Check it out for yourself

Do you have Shape, our complete mobile phone solution? You can now find out whether you and your colleagues are on the best tariff for your usage patterns: simply go to the Customer Zone and check out the other packages available. Handy!


Find out how our new-look system can save you time. Click here to log into your account in the Customer Zone.

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